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How To Find Orlando Florida Vacation Deals

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How To Find Orlando Florida Vacation Deals
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When the topic turns to vacation – whether Spring Break or Summer Holidays, thoughts often turn to Orlando Florida. Vacation deals make this the perfect and affordable getaway for the entire family. And, let’s face it, Orlando is the mecca for those who have children. At Rooms 101.com, we can help you find the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Why Orlando Florida?
The answer is simple. It used to be Walt Disney Resort. It is now Walt Disney Resort, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Florida. Any of these three will get the hearts of your children pumping. They know what is waiting for them. It is merely up to you to sort through our Orlando Florida vacation deals and pick one that works for you. We provide the room and you will get to pick how you and your family spend your vacation as well as how much you will make a dent in your budget.

The Theme Parks
It is impossible to argue that the majority of the children who arrive in Orlando, Florida are not here to visit the theme parks, while the city has some excellent museums such as the Orlando Children’s Museum, they want to go to Walt Disney World and Universal. These two theme parks provide you and your children with a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy your vacation time. You will, need to budget both your money and your time if you want to visit both.

Some children, however, are focused on visiting only one. Essentially, many children are divided along two lines. These are:

  • Disney Character Fans e.g. Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Harry Potter Fans

This will simplify which park you plan to attend. If, you have a mixed group, you will truly need to find the cheapest Orlando Florida vacation deals possible. Our site can help you by providing you with various options.

While each park offers you the chance to enjoy so much more, as does the city of Orlando, the choices of your children are usually based on the characters they want to see or the “worlds they want to visit. Once there, they may not want to even consider the “other” theme park or parks except under duress.

Planning Ahead: Finding the Right Orlando Florida Vacation Deals
No matter what world your child wants to spend time at, you can count on us at Rooms 1001 to help you keep costs down. We can find accommodation for you and your family. We even have places that will take you, your family and your pets. Let us help you find the right Orlando Florida vacation deals – ones that take the worry out of where you are going to stay and put the focus on having fun.


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