Mini Vacations: The Extended Weekend Getaway

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Mini Vacations: The Extended Weekend Getaway
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Mini-Vacations are the fastest growing segment of the leisure travel industry. Althgough traditional vacation packages have experienced staggering growth over the past two decades, mini-vacations have outpaced traditional packages by no less than 2 to 1! Mini-vacation packages seem to have one major driving factor – increased work-time by average American families.

Indeed, the concept of vacations and getaways arose from individuals in working families needing “a break” or rest. As our nation grew in productivity, our collective health and general well being declined with the increased working hours by most working Americans. The idea of “rest periods” or therapeutic medical reason sabbaticals took on increased interest as our productivity increased to the point that a vacation and/or getaway became the norm in most careers and jobs.

Later, as productivity increased exponentially, weekend getaways became a treasured respite for the over-worked and weary workers in general. Hot, seasonal vacation destinations began increasing bookings during off-season weekends. More and more average Americans began taking weekend getaways. Later, these weekend getaways were combined with the occasional “Monday Holiday” (i.e.: Memorial day, labor Day, etc.) and thus, “Mini-Vacations” were born!

As the three day getaway-mini-vacations grew in popularity, more and more couples and families began taking days off work to extend their weekend getaways to “mini-vacations”. Eventually, the hospitality industry took notice of this new and growing vacation trend by American families. Soon, mini-vacation packages became one of the most markted and advertised travel and vacation deals. is the #1 Promotional Vacation Package website and marketer online! We have thest deals on mini-vacation packages! Check them out at:


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