New Smyrna Beach Timeshare Promotions

New Smyrna Beach is a great place for a relaxing vacation. It brings together a strong historical presence and an esteemed nightlife that result in a unique vacation experience. Near both the beach and extending farther inland, it features a dense and diverse natural environment ripe for the adventurous sort that comes to Florida every year.

New Smyrna is home to many timeshare opportunities that vacationers can make use of for the long term. And with a plethora of things to do in the city, its proximity to the beach, and a great atmosphere for the family, it’s on wonder more people are choosing to make New Smyrna a mainstay for vacationers across America. Here is everything you need to know about New Smyrna Timeshares.

New Smyrna Beach Timeshare Promotions

Save your wallet and your peace of mind when you book a trip to New Smyrna and attend a timeshare preview meeting while staying at any of the great resorts listed on our website. These deals will save you a great deal on the cost of expenses on your trips, with luxury apartments stocked with everything you need to make your stay as accommodating as possible.

New Smyrna beach is famous for its sunny skies and pristine beaches. A timeshare in the heart of New Smyrna Beach’s attraction-filled 13-mile strip of beachfront land is great for family and friends. You will find there is much to do in the city, from enlightening the taste buds with fantastic cuisine, Trying your luck with the area’s amazing offshore fishing, or shooting eighteen in the inland

If you are searching for the ideal place to relax, enjoy the New Smyrna Beaches shores, the waters of which are perfect for surfing, boating, fishing, and other water sports. Immerse yourself in the culture of New Smyrna Beach with unique shopping locations, cultural events, and dining experiences. And envelope yourself in the rich history of this old Floridian town, the tours as you experience the best of what the city has to offer.

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New Smyrna Timeshare Rentals

Hotels offer fluctuating pricing based on the season, and unless you are paying top dollar for a suite, a room with two beds and a couple of towels is all you are going to get. Living in luxury has never been cheaper, and with a timeshare rental, it doesn’t take owning a timeshare to try it out.

A timeshare, unlike a hotel room, is modeled much like, featuring many of the same accommodations you might find in your home. Oftentimes, they are more accommodating, as the resorts, they are in may also house swimming pools, indoor gyms, spas, and much more. Like Airbnb, timeshare resorts will fit these spaces with kitchenware, towels, and other basic necessities found in the home at a much cheaper price point, given the time of the vacation.

Should a timeshare owner in New Smyrna not be able to take a vacation for the time they are allotted, the annual maintenance fees will still be incurred. Because they own the property, they have the right to rent out their allotted time, for the cost of whatever fees they deem reasonable to rent the property for. This creates an interesting dynamic between timeshare owners and potential vacationers who are looking for the cheapest possible option.

For those pecking at the idea of owning a timeshare, renting a timeshare is a great option. Renting a timeshare is extremely low risk and offers the opportunity to gauge some of the costs and benefits of owning a timeshare while enjoying a nice vacation. Renting a timeshare mitigates the apprehension of owning a timeshare with all of the benefits of owning one in a cost-effective, low-risk format.

Timeshares are available at some of the best locations in New Smyrna. For a relaxing escape, stay in New Smyrna Beach timeshare resorts featuring well-maintained, luxury condos that are conveniently located near all major attractions the city has to offer.

Types of Timeshares

The types of timeshares are not all created equal. The type of timeshare contract you get yourself into will determine a variety of factors about the ownership, right to time, and costs for the timeshare you plan on owning. Some timeshare contacts will make you a shared owner, and therefore entitled to share trade or will your portion of the timeshare. Others will allow you a certain number of years worth of time to use your timeshare. All timeshare agreements are unique and typically catered to your continued satisfaction with the property.

Point-based Contracts


Timeshare companies may offer properties on a point-based system. Points accrued through traveling and vacationing will give you the opportunity to utilize your own or other resorts within the company’s network. This is typically the easiest timeshare to get into for beginners, as people are not locked into only one place and can use their points in different locations. Point-based contracts are the newest form of timeshare agreements. Because they offer the most variety of locations, they have become more popular among those who prefer general travel opportunities at discount prices. Many of these contracts are run through corporate businesses as well, meaning points can be earned when traveling on the job, and used for vacation time.

Floating-Week Contracts


With a little more flexibility than a fixed-week timeshare, floating-week contracts allow you to pick a week to stay at the property at a predetermined time. Despite the nod towards flexible timing, an added streak of competition may be present for the weeks you may want to travel.

Fixed-Week Contracts


Fixed week timeshares offer the ability to use the property for the same week every year. This is beneficial for people planning on taking trips at the same time every year and mitigates a lot of the planning hassle. These are the best contracts for travelers who prioritize structure. Fixed-week contracts are also the most common timeshare agreements, as well as the most basic.

Fractional Contracts


Similar to a fixed-week contract, fractional timeshare ownerships offer exclusive access to the property for a certain time per year, every year. The only difference is that the time period is typically a lot longer than a week. This does mean, however, that more of the maintenance responsibility will be given to the owners.

Third-Party Timeshare Exchange


 One of the main benefits of owning a timeshare is the ability to vacation in the same place every year. However, with a timeshare exchange program, owners can swap their timeshares with other qualified owners. This method typically requires a fixed-week contract.

Top Reasons to Visit New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna is known for its amazing beaches, great for both fishing and surfing. It has consistent surf breaks and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it a go-to destination for surfers and fishers around the country. The beaches are also perfect for the laid-back charm found only on the Floridian coastline. Soft white sand and turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic come together to make an aesthetic you won’t want to leave, and the shores of many bars and restaurants will keep your hunger low, and your thirst quenched.

The New Smyrna Dunes Park is a must-see. It’s a gateway to the picturesque Ponce Inlet and its lighthouse, providing easy access to the Atlantic and Indian rivers. It is the perfect place to have a fun beach day surrounded by clear waters and soft sand. Many people use the waterway for boat parties on the weekends, especially in Spring and Summer time.

Much of the land in New Smyrna Beach is dedicated to the preservation of various natural habits, making it one of the best places to go see animals in their natural environments. Unlike a zoo or an aquarium, New Smyrna Beach offers a closer, more personal experience with animals in its borders.  The Tomoka state park has scenery that ranges from sandy white beaches and lush green plant life between the Tomoka River and the Atlantic Ocean.

New Smyrna Beach is a great location for those who love a more relaxed nighttime vibe. The restaurants and bars in the historic downtown offer a variety of breweries and eateries that shine with a unique character not found anywhere else. Live music and entertainment can also be found, commonly making their way to many of the bars around town. For those more adventurous, certain comedy clubs will allow guests to come up and share their sense of humor with others.

The Timeshare resorts in New Smyrna Beach offer all-inclusive accommodations, often featuring house-like amenities and appliances. Vacationing never sounded better. Complete with gyms, spas, and jacuzzis, you will leave wishing you could stay at any one of the amazing timeshare resorts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Not only that, but they exemplify the relaxed vibe of the beach while offering the opportunity to golf, fish, and make the best use of your time in the city.

Things To Do in New Smyrna Beach

The Marina Discovery Center

The Marine Discovery Center offers the opportunity for visitors to see a healthy Indian River Lagoon for ages to come. Its main goal is the preservation and enjoyment of the natural beauty and diverse species that make up the Indian River Lagoon. Take an adventure on a 36- seat pontoon boat on a two-hour tour through the water, narrated by knowledgeable Florida Master Naturalists. Experience first-hand the natural beauty of this Florida treasure.

The NSB Speedway


The New Smyrna Speedway is a high-banked paved oval track just five miles west of the city. Known colloquially as the World Center of Racing, the New Smyrna speedway has become the home to some of the finest in stock car racing for over forty-five years. The speedway features weekly racing events, among other special events in the area. It is a highly utilized speedway and, in recent years, has become a prime testing facility for some of the nationwide NASCAR teams. This is definitely one of the most entertaining experiences in the New Smyrna Beach area.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

If you are looking to experience the sights and sounds of one of the best parts of Florida, then look to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. This historic lighthouse is one of the tallest masonry lighthouses in the country. Designated as a Historic Landmark in 2998, it continues to make itself known as a must-do experience for any visit to New Smyrna. Its 175 ft height makes it the perfect place for getting the coastal views of Florida, and its inland views show the vastness of greenery with a charm that only Florida could have.


New Smyrna Beach is a great location for vacations. For those who cater to a more relaxed vacation experience, the city and its many timeshare resorts offer amenities that exemplify the cool, relaxing nature of the Floridian coast and its wildlife. It is a great place for fishing, golfing, and surfing, featuring not only the beautiful deep blue hue of the Atlantic, but the wonderful turquoise hue of the Indian River Lagoon, all of which has to be experienced on your stay in New Smyrna Beach. Here at Rooms 101, we offer the best vacation deals that you will be able to use on your next New Smyrna Beach dream getaway. Live a life of luxury as you save money and get access to the most fun aspects of the Central Florida coast with Rooms 101 New Smyrna Beach vacation deals today!