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6 Days And 5 Night Orlando Vacation Packages

Below is a listing of all of our vacation packages that are for 6 DAYS AND 5 NIGHTS IN ORLANDO. Although we have hundreds of specials posted for Orlando, you still may not find exactly what you are looking for here. Well don’t worry, the good news is that we can customize a vacation for you with the same wholesale pricing to give you not only an affordable vacation, but a memorable one as well!

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What To Do In Orlando

There’s a reason they call Florida “The Sunshine State”, and it’s not just because of the awesome year-round weather. It’s cities like Orlando, famous for its fantastic nightlife, friendly locals, and never-ending stream of awesome attractions, that bring the sunshine out of Florida.

And that goes doubly for Orlando in the Summer months. With that said, if you’re considering an Orlando trip this summer, we’d love to take a minute to make a few suggestions. From Disney World to Gatorland, there’s a little something here for everybody and way more than meets the eye.

Discovery Cove

Starting our list somewhat off the beaten path, there’s the enchanting Discovery Cove. Of course, there are dozens of great Orlando tourist attractions to visit during your trip, but this is easily one of the most underrated. This lush tropical paradise features awesome photo ops, fun attractions, and great customer service.

If you’re looking for a little slice of that Florida hospitality, you’ve come to the right place. Tickets may seem a little expensive, but if what you’re looking for is a real Orlando adventure, Discovery Cove is it.

Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine

Ready to take things a little slower? This historic Catholic church may have only been built in the 1980s, but it has the calm sensibilities of a much older place. The Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine was originally created as a site for travelers to worship at but is also just a lovely, quiet church that many people enjoy visiting just for a serene stopover. Visitors make sure to stop off here, taking the time out of their schedules to attend a service, walk around the property, and generally just appreciate this Orlando landmark. 

iFly Orlando

With this famous amusement park, you’ll be anything but relaxed, so come prepared for action. There’s a pressure-controlled room set up with a massive fan installed in the floor. Visitors step in, kitted out as if they’re about to go skydiving, and the proceed to hover roughly a meter above the floor! This is as close to skydiving as many people are likely to want, completely safe, and a whole lot of fun, so come on down to iFly Orlando and make a few memories.

Blizzard Beach

Head North from Disney’s All-Star resorts, and you’ll find Blizzard Beach, a fantastic water park resort featuring thrilling water adventures for the whole family. Take the kids out for a day they’ll love, or just enjoy a fun date with that special someone. Enjoy a few slides, get yourself wet, and soak in the Orlando sun, at Blizzard Beach.


This combination theme park and amusement center brings together some of the wildest nature and wildlife exhibits you’re likely to see, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is unique to this area of the world. A captivating walk through the slithery fauna and lush flora of the area, Gatorland features three thousand gators and a robust collection of crocodiles. Mix in a healthy variety of exotic birds and several startling snakes, and you’ve got the perfect Orlando day trip.

Epcot Divequest

Had enough of the local snakes and alligators? Why not cool off, with Epcot Divequest? This thrilling scuba experience takes guests into the cool blue waters of Orlando’s shorelines, plunging them into a world of fish and coral. But that’s not the main attraction. No, that would go to the shark swimming. That’s right, with an open scuba diving certificate, guests are allowed to swim with the local underwater predators native to this area, for a pulse-pounding brush with a real-life shark.

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