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Gatlinburg Timeshare

Gatlinburg is a great place to spend your vacation. Not only is it filled with awesome attractions you and your family can do together, it has great restaurants and all-inclusive, luxury timeshare hotels making it the perfect place to post up for your annual vacations. Sitting at the base of Smoky Mountains National Park, it is a great place for hikers to explore new areas of the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Gatlinburg Tennessee is a mountain getaway with abounding adventures every turn with something for everyone! Here is everything you need to know about owning a timeshare in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Gatlinburg Timeshare deals

Gatlinburg Tennessee  is a stunning location for those seeking adventure, closeness to nature, and the breathtaking atmosphere of the Appalachian mountains. Surround yourself in the breathtaking environment, complete with lush landscapes. Invite your senses to enjoy the great food and attractions the town has to offer, and learn about the rich history of the Great Smoky Mountains at Gatlinburg’s numerous attractions.

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Gatlinburg Timeshare Promotions

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People normally plan vacations based on the time of year they want to travel, at a certain spot that would be suitable for them. Well, with the overwhelming situations that kind of planning brings with it, saving money is the single most important thing people want to do when traveling. A trip that is as cost-effective as possible is sure to keep the time spent stress-free and fun. Timeshare promotions in Gatlinburg offer many great vacation deals and packages in the city’s different areas, each of which caters to a different kind of traveler with different desires on the kind of places, activities, and attractions to partake in.

Reasons to Visit Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a haven of natural beauty. Its many mountains and caves are only the tip of the iceberg in conjunction with its wondrous wildlife, all of which can be explored on nature trails and nature preserves. In fact, more people visit the Great Smoky Mountains than any other national park. Its winding roads and diverse flora and fauna usher in a tranquil atmosphere that is both relaxing and revitalizing. It is also one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth with over 100 species of trees inhabiting the mountain range. It is also known as the “Salamander Capital of the World.”

You can take in the views from just about anywhere. Using the Gatlinburg ski lift, rather than hiking, is definitely something that is possible. Especially for those who don’t have an affinity for long nature walks, the ski lift is a great addition. It’s a great choice for an after lunch activity where you can enjoy the scenery from just about anywhere. Two of the main points to take in the Smoky mountain view are  Clingmans Dome and the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

The densely packed environments that surround Gatlinburg are amazing, considering the city itself has an equal amount of wonder and splendor ready for its visitors to consume.

The food in Gatlinburg is great. The town is famous for its fluffy stacks of pancakes with a flapjack house  on just about every corner. Gatlinburg’s people have a great love for the American breakfast, making it one of the best places to enjoy a hearty American breakfast at any time of day.

Gatlinburg’s mascot, the ubiquitous black bear has been immortalized in the form of garden figurines, salt and pepper shakers, and much more. Spotting one of them is akin to catching a well-known celebrity, so while on a walk on eo of the city’s many nature trails, be sure to have your camera ready!

Gatlinburg is known as the wedding capital of the South. It is a great place for a romantic getaway just as much as it is for tying the knot.

The people of Gatlinburg are  very friendly, exemplifying the humble beauty of the environment they are surrounded by. Because of that, the genuine people of Gatlinburg are very hands on offering many of their crafts to visitors all over. Known precisely for its craftsmanship, the city of Gatlinburg boasts an 8-mile stretch of over 100 artists and craftsmen who work with a diverse range of mediums, from clay to metal to fabric to wood.

The Gatlinburg nightlife is ever present, and a historical part of the city’s culture. In the days of Prohibition, moonshiners would cart around the good ol shine around the Appaalachian mountains. Now no longer  illegal, Gatlinburg has become one of the places in the South that has developed the culture of drinking moonshine, with traces of the region’s outlaw past found at many of the distilleries calling Gatlinburg home.

Gatlinburg looks great at any time of the year, and therefore is perfect for a trip during any season. Enjoy snow tubing and kissing in the winter. Frolic in fields of wildflowers in the Spring. Take part in the fun of alpine slides and water rides in the Summer.  Gaze at the amber hue of the Autumn trees in the fall. The seasons of Gatlinburg are so diverse every season boasts a new experience for visitors to enjoy and immerse themselves in.

Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is perfectly suited for big adventures in the great outdoors. It’s the perfect place to experience a mountaintop adventure beginning from the city’s downtown. Akeesta mountain is easily accessible with the city’s one of a kind chondola.The city offers its residents and visitors the experience of a lifetime featuring great fun on one of the oldest American mountain ranges.

Museums and Aquariums

Gatlinburg is home to a variety of museums featuring some of the city’s more modern attractions. Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is one of the must see locations in the city as it has been featured by USA Today’s best Aquariums. It has a special underwater tunnel with 12-foot sharks and thousands of other sea creatures all ready to be experienced with family and friends.

The city offers a great deal in terms of the expression of its culture, mainly done through the visiting of Gatlinburg’s museums, going over the history of the town and region in a fun and engaging way.

Outdoor Activities

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is at the doorstep of the city. Gatlinburg is often called the gateway to the Smokies, as it is point 1 for entry into the vast Appalachian subrange. Whether hiking or biking or even camping, Gatlinburg is the best place to set up shop for your adventure. Visit the rushing blue waters of Gatlinburg’s waterways in a kayaking adventure. Take a load off as you see what you can catch in a day of fishing. The natural environment of Gatlinburg is rife with things to do. Perfect for kids too, all of the attractions in Gatlinburg outdoor activities are great for a day of family fun!

Arts and Entertainment


The beauty of Gatlinburg has often been the inspiration of many artists and musicians who seek to capture the soul and sounds of the Smoky Mountains. As the mountains have become the perfect muse for these musicians and artists, it only makes sense that their final destination would lead them to the city of Gatlinburg to share the culture of the city through artistic pursuits all can enjoy. Live music is immensely popular in the city, especially in the city’s downtown where bands and musicians line up to share their Smoky mountain spirit with all who are willing to hear.


After a long day of exploring the many attractions Gatlin burg has to offer, you might think the city may head to sleep. However, the sunset brings in a host of new activities that are equally fun for everyone! Immerse yourself in the culture of southern moonshine with a variety of flavors across the city’s oldest distilleries all while listening to some of the most entertaining live music available. Whether  you want to listen to some bluegrass harmonies or rock out with a high energy show, Gatlingburg boasts the most amazing sounds and flavors to enhance your evening experience.


Gatlinburg Tennessee is a great place to host your vacations. WWith its diverse set of attractions both in the city’s natural environment and within its streets, it is  a great place for people to enjoy no matter what.. With a great history and culture, the friendly people of Gatlinburg will treat you like family with great food, drinks, and entertainment. Owning a timeshare in Gatlinburg is the best way to enjoy the city as all-inclusive timeshare resorts ensure that you are well accommodated through the duration of your stay. Save big when you book your Gatlinburg trip with Rooms 101 vacation deals which are sure to save you money, time, and peace of mind as you plan your future trips to the Smoky Mountain gateway! Book with Rooms 101 today!