Miami Timeshare Deals

Miami Timeshare: Everything You Should Know About

Miami is one of the most famous cities in the US, and that makes it a prime location for owning or renting a timeshare! Hotel reservation costs can break the bank for travelers looking to get the most out of their Miami experience, so the best advice is to secure a Miami timeshare resort.

Immerse yourself in the vibrantly colorful culture of South Beach and surrounding places with a Miami timeshare. Planted closest to the action, there really isn’t a better way to experience the combination of modern luxury resorts and traditional Latin culture than a timeshare in Miami, Florida. As a cultural hub, Miami is characterized by art, music, and culture that can’t be found anywhere else. There is no shortage of things to stimulate your senses, From family-oriented restaurants and attractions, to more adult-catered nightlife and entertainment.

Miami Timeshare Rentals

Planning a trip to Miami but don’t own a timeshare? Try renting one! There are plenty of timeshare owners out there with recurring vacation time at some of the most popular brands like Disney, Wyndham, and Marriott. While they are not able to use their vacation time, they are still required to pay for the time they do not use, opening up the opportunity to form a cost-effective relationship between vacationers and timeshare owners. Utilizing a Miami timeshare has never been easier or more affordable with Rooms101.

Miami Timeshare Pros

Its Affordable: Timeshares are much more affordable than owning a vacation home, of which the owner will be responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the house even during times it isn’t being utilized. With a timeshare in Miami, international and local travelers can make tons of money with this simple, yet effective investment.

No Upkeep: Akin to owning a property, it is available to use like a home without the cost of upkeep. A timeshare in Miami will come with the perks of owning a vacation home at a fraction of the cost. Monetary dues are all covered in what you pay.

Guaranteed location: If you have ever planned a vacation, but could not find a place close enough to the area you wanted to be in, you might want to look into owning or renting a timeshare. Timeshares are great for people who like to vacation in the same spots, as they are capable of forming checkpoints on or off vacation time.

Reduced Hassle: Owning a Miami timeshare reduces the hassle of planning and is the best way to secure a spot in the best parts of the Magic City. Cater your Miami trips to your desires by posting up near the locations you want. With the added convenience of an affordable place to stay at a location that will be available to you when you need it, planning multiple trips has never been easier. The time spent planning logistical aspects of your trip to Miami can be spent planning outings to the multitude of attractions the city is famous for.

Types of Miami Timeshares

If you are interested in owning a Miami timeshare, there are a few things to consider about the type and price of this worthwhile investment. Here, we will go through the typical costs and fees of purchasing and owning a timeshare in Miami, Florida.

A timeshare is a shared ownership property in which people enter a contractual agreement to share the property with other owners throughout the year. Exclusive access is granted at a set period of time every year.

Timeshare contracts can come in one of five different varieties:

Fixed-Week Contracts: Fixed week timeshares offer the ability to use the property for the same week every year. This is beneficial for people planning on taking trips at the same time every year and mitigates a lot of the planning hassle. These are the best contracts for travelers who prioritize structure.

Floating-Week Contracts: With a little more flexibility than a fixed-week timeshare, floating-week contracts allow you to pick a week to stay at the property at a predetermined time. Despite the nod towards flexible timing, an added streak of competition may be present for the weeks you may want to travel.

Point-based Contracts: Timeshare companies may offer properties on a point-based system. Points accrued through traveling and vacationing will give you the opportunity to utilize your own or other resorts within the company’s network. This is typically the easiest timeshare to get into for beginners as people are not locked into only one place and can use their points in different locations.

Fractional Contracts: Similar to a fixed-week contract, fractional timeshare ownerships offer exclusive access to the property for a certain time per year, every year. The only difference is that the time period is typically a lot longer than a week. This does mean, however, that more of the maintenance responsibility will be given to the owners.

Third-Party Timeshare Exchange: One of the main benefits of owning a timeshare is the ability to vacation in the same place every year. However, with a timeshare exchange program, owners can swap their timeshares with other qualified owners. This method typically requires a fixed-week contract.

How much is a timeshare in Miami?

Now that the different types of contracts are out of the way, you must be thinking “how much is all this going to cost?” While Timeshares usually cost around $20,000, here is a breakdown of the typical fees you might see in a timeshare in Miami, Florida.

Upfront Costs

Upfront costs are typically gauged by how desirable a location is and the time of year. Because of these two factors, the upfront costs can vary quite a bit. Financing is almost always an option for those who are not able to pay for the entire timeshare interval upfront which can be paid on a monthly basis.

Maintenance Costs

Once the upfronts are taken care of, Maintenance fees will be the main cost per year. At around $1,000 a year, Miami timeshare maintenance fees cover a lot:

  • Regular maintenance and upkeep
  • Yard work services
  • Gym maintenance
  • Pool repair
  • Landscaping

These are just some of the more basic costs covered in a timeshare maintenance fee. Depending on the property and its condition throughout the year, more or less money may be involved with this fee, making it impossible to give it a solid price tag.

Timeshare Interest Rate

Influenced by the state of the market, you may find a reasonably priced timeshare interest rate at 7% to 17%. However, interest rates may reach up to 20%. It is also important to note that alone may be used for the upfront fee of the timeshare property you plan on owning.

Timeshare Property Taxes

A word nobody wants to hear, depending on your contract, you may have to pay annual property taxes on your timeshare property. These are however, seldom added as an extraneous fee, and typically lodged in with either upfront or maintenance costs.

Is it worth investing in a Miami Timeshare?

Let’s be honest, public opinion of timeshares generally could fare much better. However, For those looking to own a timeshare in the timeshare capital of the United States, Florida has one of the highest owner satisfaction ratings in the whole country. Even the state of Florida recognizes the power of timeshare for its tourists and has policies in place so eager vacationers can own their timeshare with confidence. Here is what makes a Miami Timeshare worth investing in.

More Accommodating

Timeshare resorts offer an experience that more closely resembles the accommodations you might find in your home, and enhances it with other unique features. You would be the world’s most famous unicorn hunter if you found a hotel room complete with two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, and an in-unit washer/dryer. Not to mention, Timeshare resorts often come with their units fully stocked with kitchen utensils, dishes, cookware, and even spices. Towels toiletries are also stocked upon arrival.

Pushes you to Travel

Too often the confines of everyday routines stop us from getting out and enjoying the free time we have every now and again. This is a problem that affects the whole country, as the US totals out with some of the lowest vacation time rates in the world. Timeshare owners however, are more likely to actually go on vacation, and that is partly because most of the work is already done for them. When you prepay for your vacations, you are securing a lifestyle that promotes the building of memories with friends and loved ones. If you are one of those people who always finds themselves saying “next year”, then a timeshare may just be what you need.

Own the property

Owning a deeded timeshare means that you own real property that can be sold, gifted, or willed. The implications of this go even further, as timeshares are able to be resold and traded.

How do timeshares work in Florida?

Florida is the timeshare capital of the United States, and that is saying something. There are over 350 timeshare resorts in the state offering the widest variety of locations anywhere in the country. That is a third of all the timeshare resorts in the country. These points are even more condensed in areas like Miami, giving potential owners the power of choice in the most popular places in the state.

Tourism is the bread and butter for the Floridan economy, meaning there are some lengths taken by the state to ensure the potential timeshare owners are equipped to defend themselves against less ethical sales practices of many timeshare agents trying to make a quick buck. Florida’s new timeshare law will require that consumers be given a full calendar day to sign into a timeshare contract. That way, potential timeshare owners will be better equipped to decide if a specific timeshare arrangement meets their needs financially. Florida is one state that strives to make the timeshare purchasing experience much safer for potential timeshare owners.

Why Should You Get a Timeshare in Miami?

Miami is one of the best places to own a Timeshare for a variety of reasons. Florida in general, hosts many who are looking for a lovely subtropical vacation.

Great Weather All Year

Even when compared to other parts of Florida, the temperature in Miami stays pretty consistent all year. Backed by its already subtropical climate, Miami’s proximity to the ocean keeps the wind cooler even in the summer months. Those same cool winds are responsible for controlling much of the humidity that plagues other inland towns of Florida.

Winter time is the best time to visit the Magic City, with a pretty consistent 75F per day. The heat and humidity are truly kept at bay in these months, with the most popular months for vacationing in January and February. Mark your Calendars!

Miami Nightlife

Miami is famed for its nightlife. Even celebrities cannot resist Miami after dark, with many of the heading to nightclubs like LIV, Mynt, STORY and Bâoli. Saturdays are for the parties in Delano Beach, Nikki Beach, and Hyde Beach where the most exciting DJ pool parties are held, and packed with the high energy of Miami’s residents and visitors.

A place of the arts

Miami is a hub of the arts. While many find Las Vegas famous for its performing arts, California for its cuisine, and New York for its visual art, Miami boasts a zealous combination of all three. Miami is a hub not only for performing and visual arts but for the culinary art with many upscale and fusion restaurants waiting to fill the bellies of hungry vacationers.

What is the best timeshare in Miami?

In lieu of Miami’s countless attractions and events, the main reason people go to Miami is to be close to the beach. This list of amazing Miami timeshare resorts will make sure that you are not only a few steps from Miami’s famous beaches, close enough to the awesome attractions the city has also become renowned for.

Hilton Cabana

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Hilton Cabana offers direct access to the beach and the nine-mile Miami Beachwalk. Lincoln Road’s shopping and dining and Miami Beach Convention Center are only a few miles away. Some of the resort features include two ocean-view outdoor pools, poolside cabanas, and a private beach. The Hilton Cabana also provides complimentary bike rentals and our bar with beach service. Look for Deals here.

Casablanca Beach Resort

The Casablanca Beach Resort in Miami is a 3 star great for its proximity to many of Miami’s attractions. Only 1 mile from North Beach, this is a great spot for those looking for great food, drinks and performing arts with the Miami Beach Stage Door Theatre in even closer proximity.

Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort

Planted in the heat of North Beach, Newport features direct access to the renowned soft sands of Miami’s beaches and the Newport pier. A gem compared to the other resorts in Miami, Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort elevates the south Florida resort experience with luxury unlike anything seen before. This resort is great for romantic getaway with plenty of social events and wedding accommodations available to patrons. Click here for deals.

Things to do in Miami?

Of course there is a mountain of things to experience in Miami. So, while we won’t even be able to scratch the surface, here are some fun activities to consider trying during your trip to Miami!

Activities on the water

Water is the blood of Miami. It is part of what makes the city so beautiful. Miami’s beaches are filled with wildlife, colorful fish, manatees, dolphins and seahorses. Soak your senses in Miami’s water-based activities like paddleboarding, boat tours, jet skis and much more. During the more temperate times of year, kayaking and canoeing are some of the most entertaining ways to immerse yourself in the amazing aqua-oriented activities of the Magic city.

Click here for fun water activities in Miami!

The Everglades is the heart of Florida, and for good reason. It houses the state’s most characteristic flora and fauna. Great for families to explore, The Everglades National Park is an oasis just waiting for a new set of eyes to captivate.

Click here to see the Everglades National Park Now!

Activities on land

Embrace the cultures that have given Miami its flair with historical and cultural tours. Delve deep into the history of this famous city as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Latin culture that shaped Miami into what it is today!

It doesn’t stop there! Immerse yourselves in the flavors and aromas of Latin fusion and upscale dining of Miami. Famous also for the outstanding quality of its food trucks, finding a hidden gem is a part of the culinary adventure of the Magic City. The Miami Spice program allows locals and tourists alike to enjoy all of the flavors of Latin and Caribbean cuisine.

There are outstanding benefits to owning a timeshare in Miami. With Florida’s efforts to enhance the timeshare experience, potential timeshare owners can purchase with more confidence than anywhere else. Miami is one of the most famous cities in the United States. A gem of Florida, tourists come in droves to experience the flavors, nightlife, arts and beautiful natural accommodations of the land it rests on. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Miami timeshare with Rooms 101 today!