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Las Vegas is never the same thing twice. Every night out on the strip is an adventure, and every face you meet out in the city lights is another adventurer, just like you.

Which is a very nice way of saying: “It’s hard to know what to do when you first arrive in Vegas because there’s so much!” So, join us, today, as we bring you some of our favorite Vegas pro tips to help you maximize your next trip.

Getting Around

When you think of the Vegas Strip, do the words, “a short walk” come to mind? No? Then you’re probably going to need some transportation to get around if you’re going to do Sin City right.

Car Rentals

This is a big question on most Vegas pro tips lists because the city can be intimidating the first time you visit. It’s big and you’ll want to be independent. But the nightlife can get a little hairy, and you might be worried about damaging the rental.

Ultimately, it all depends on what works best for you. Want to cruise down the Boulevard with the top down? Looking to get around quickly and efficiently? It really comes down to your personal preferences. Maybe you hate parallel parking (of which there is a lot, in Vegas) and you need a smaller car that’s easier to manage.  Maybe you hate parallel parking so much that it just makes more sense to walk.

On one hand, car rental rates are competitive to the point where you can save a lot of money by using one. One the other hand, parking at hotels is no longer free across the board, and several of the big-name spots now charge parking fees. Taxis and ride services like Uber or Lyft are also always an option.

As a little extra travel tip: most Las Vegas hotels are a 15-minute drive from McCarran Airport. You can get from the airport down to the strip the fastest via the street streets, so make sure to remind your driver they do not need to take the freeway.

The Monorail

Lastly, when all else fails, there’s always the rail: the Monorail, that is. Get onto and off of the strip with the nearby Monorail, which runs until 2 AM, weeknights, and 3 AM on weekends. The train runs along seven stops in a loop from the SLS to the MGM Grand, with $5 tickets for single rides. Get a day pass for $12 to save even more.

For a city as big as Las Vegas, you’d better believe some of the best food is going to be out of the way. Stick to The Strip if you want to, but Chinatown has some of the best Asian restaurants you’ll find in the state.

Vegetarians and Vegans have a lot to choose from in Wynn Las Vegas, a spot known for its delicious vegetable-based food.

There are also the legendary buffets, popular around breakfast time. A little pro tip, however: you’ll usually get a much better bang for your back at the lunchtime buffet, specifically because it’ll fill you up ahead of dinner.

For those looking for a little extra sauce with their meals, the happy hour specials are plentiful and sometimes breathtaking. Get amazing drinks specials to complement your meal and send you out less likely to splurge on expensive cocktails. And, just between us Vegas pro tips pros, the boozy milkshakes are to die for.

Social Media

We live in a digital age, and there are more awesome online opportunities than you might expect. Take a few moments out of your day to share a little about what you’re up to on social media. It’s not only a great way to preserve a few memories but, if you use the right hashtags, it can actually get you in free in many places. Club promoters are constantly on the lookout for high-energy, funloving people to fill their clubs with. So dress to impress, snap a few glamor shots outside of your favorite club or restaurant, and tag them! Use hashtags like “#Vegas”, “#whathappensinVegas”, or the name of the location, and there’s a good chance of you getting noticed.

Ladies tend to have a lot of luck in this endeavor, as well. With the right look and a little bit of timing, you could be spotted by a club promoter and given the VIP treatment. Get pool party day passes or an invitation to some of the hottest spots around just for being the fun-loving person you are!

The Last Of Our Vegas Pro Tips (For Today)

Can’t decide what night to book show tickets for? Take it from us: Friday is actually one of the best days of the week to book tickets to any kind of entertainment in Las Vegas.

And why is that? Corporate events. These conventions typically arrive in town on a Friday night and, statistically, will head out that same night to tear up the town. These weekend warriors are out for a good time in Sin City and will usually save the shows for their second night in. That means nice, empty ticket lines for you and probably a roomier audience area, to boot.

Rooms 101

Ultimately, the best advice on any “Vegas pro tips” list will always be to have fun and plan in advance. Las Vegas is a big place and, every year, people arrive thinking they’ll just “play it by ear”. That’s the quickest way possible to miss out on everything Sin City has to offer.

Looking for a great deal on a Las Vegas timeshare? With so much to do here, we don’t blame you. Check out some of our amazing offers, today, and let us help you find out what happens in Vegas.

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