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Virginia Beach Timeshare

Virginia Beach is the perfect place to own your vacation. From miles of silky sand to the comfort of the Virginia ocean temperatures, to the city’s famous boardwalk attractions, Virginia Beach has become one of the must-visit places for beachside getaways.  The city offers the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement no matter who you are traveling with. Virginia Beach features a wide array of affordable activities and exemplary excursions that will make you want to stay even longer. With an endless array of accommodations at Virginia Beach’s many timeshare resorts, you’ll be surprised to find out that the opportunity to have a grand vacation for the most affordable price is only a few clicks away.

Virginia Beach timeshare

Virginia Beach has some of the highest-rated, all-inclusive, luxury timeshare resorts on the eastern seaboard. While each one of them would be great for couples, families, or solo journeys, getting the scoop on the nuances of your potential future vacation property is imperative to have the most unique experience.

Located in the Commonwealth of Virginia on the east side of the state, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is most famous for its three-mile-long boardwalk that serves as the base for the oceanfront resort area of the city. With nearly twenty miles of outstretched beaches from one end to the other, there is plenty of beaches to go around with a variety of things to explore. From the oceanfront bars and restaurants to the more official events like the East Coast Surfing Championship, Virginia Beach takes its proximity to the ocean very seriously. Boasting both year round and seasonal events, every time is a perfect time to plan your timeshare vacation to Virginia Beach. With eleven unique luxury timeshare resorts, the oceanfront boardwalk in Virginia Beach will feel like your very own slice of heaven as you enjoy pristine amenities while saving big on all of your future vacations.

A timeshare is the easiest way to plan and host guaranteed vacations. Some call it vacation “ownership,” and that is what timeshares are all about, literally! Many of the kinds of contracts you can own a timeshare with involve a deed in some form, marking your vacation spot as an asset you can use to heavily reduce the price of your future vacations, but also to trade, exchange, or even will to those in your family.

Virginia Beach Timeshare Rentals

Some might still be iffy on the subject of diving head-first into a Virginia Beach Timeshare Investment, but still want to take advantage of the pristine locations of the city’s luxury timeshare resorts and their proximity to some of the country’s most famous beaches. Thankfully, taking advantage of the best parts of vacation ownership does not always mean owning a timeshare. With a Virginia Beach timeshare rental, you can save big on your vacation as opposed to booking at a traditional hotel with half of the accommodations you might find at a run-of-the-mill timeshare resort.

Timeshare properties may be available for a variety of reasons. However, the owner of a deeded contract may issue their property for rent during the time of year they are slated to take their vacation. The owner may have some engagements that will not allow them to take the vacation themselves, and allowing someone else to take the slot may help cover the maintenance costs of the timeshare. In essence, a timeshare rental is the best way to make the most out of a timeshare resort without holding yourself to the overarching commitments owning a timeshare entails. That also means that timeshare rentals are a perfect entryway into vacation ownership.

Owning a timeshare may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean the finer aspects of vacation ownership are inaccessible. Renting a timeshare entails all of the benefits of owning a timeshare. That means spending less time planning and booking your vacation, and way more time actually enjoying the finer parts of your vacation. Virginia Beach is the best place to rent a timeshare because of its amazing location, awesome attractions, and wonderful events that happen year-round.

Virginia Beach Timeshare Presentations

Booking a hotel in Virginia Beach is even more affordable when you attend a timeshare presentation. Timeshare presentations are typically associated with some kind of deal, including vouchers, gift cards to enhance the experience even more, and passes to some of Virginia Beach’s most famous attractions. Many of the major timeshare resort chains offer their properties to people who might be interested in taking a bigger step towards saving big on vacation time. If a timeshare is something you may actually want to do, the incentives that come with viewing the presentation will enhance your experience that much more.

Getting your hands on these incentives only requires sitting through a timeshare presentation for an amount of time not exceeding 120 minutes. Now, this might seem too good to be true, but most times, that is all saving money on your vacation requires. These timeshare presentations will give you more insight into the intricacies of timeshare ownership, and with Virginia Beach’s high rate of timeshare ownership satisfaction, it’s no wonder that more people are opting to own their vacations in one of the United States’ most famous beach cities.

Resorts often give people lucrative incentives to get them through the door to view a timeshare presentation. These vacation deals offer some really neat perks, giving access to some pretty cool features that would be otherwise unavailable. You may even receive a discount on the cost of your stay, allowing you to make more use of your finances towards having fun during your vacation. All of that is for just a fraction of the time your vacation will last.

Is Attending a Timeshare Presentation Worth It?

Timeshare presentations, while they may cost you a bit of time during your vacation, will not only provide you with valuable information you can use to better navigate your journey into vacation ownership, but you can gain access to some fairly decent discounts that will enhance the experience of your vacation.

When you attend a timeshare presentation, it is important to remember that there are well-trained sales professionals. Typically running from an hour to an hour and a half, these sales associates will work to show you the ins and outs of timeshare ownership in the best light possible. In that case, it is important to know exactly what you might want out of your potential timeshare agreement and move accordingly.  Heading to multiple presentations may help you gain more insight into the tactics of sales representatives, as well as the logistical happening of purchasing a timeshare.

Timeshare presentations offer a bit more exposition on timeshares than the internet. Where people are typically heavily guided by their personal experiences attending a timeshare presentation for themselves, and utilizing the overwhelming amount of benefits that may bring will help you understand what this is all about. This is also a time to inquire about the kind of pricing that you will be expected of you to pay.

For timeshare prospects, a presentation is actually a very helpful thing, especially when shopping for the perfect timeshare opportunity. Many timeshare resorts in Virginia beach offer promotional vacation deals at the low cost of 90 minutes towards the viewing of a timeshare presentation during your vacation. In retrospect, for the number of awards and the potential big-time money saver that is timeshare ownership, an hour of a timeshare presentation is definitely worth it.

Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach

Where the Chesapeake meets the Atlantic, the vibrant coastal paradise that is Virginia Beach is also home to a flourishing culinary scene, complete with a rich history, and teeming with a variety of arts, entertainment, and family attractions that keep locals and tourists excited throughout the whole year. In Virginia’s coastal region, its unique districts are thriving, with residents eager to show the unending hospitality of the Virginia Beach lifestyle. From the oceanfront paradise to the secluded Sandbridge, the tranquil Chesapeake to the bustling boardwalk, the ViBe creative district, and beyond, Virginia Beach invites all its guests to a fun-filled one of kind vacation you won’t want to miss.

Virginia Beach is great at any time of year. The summers are perfect for setting sail to spot some dolphins or reel in the big fish on guided boat tours. Explore the vase summertime scenery with plenty of activities on and off the water. The winter accentuates the parts of Virginia Beach that do not have to do with the beach. Since it does get cold in the winter, the beach may not be the best option, but Virginia Beach itself is still the spot for a unique vacation you won’t find anywhere else. Take in the sights as you embark on adventures through the city’s wondrous nature trails, or become a beachside equestrian as you ride horses on the beach.

Calling all seafood lovers! Virginia Beach has some of the finest oysters on the East Coast. Large, perfectly salty, and fresh is the name of the game when it comes to the Virginia Beach menu. Here, oysters are taken so seriously, the best way to enjoy them is through wading and dining tours to get an even more hands-on experience on the intricacies of Virginia Beach oyster culture.

Things to Do in Virginia Beach

One of the top attractions in Virginia Beach is its three-mile-long boardwalk line with the most amazing shops, most appetizing restaurants, and absolutely the best attractions you won’t find anywhere else.  Steeped in the colonial history of America, Virginia Beach is home to many monuments, memorials, and museums, all waiting to be explored. Here are three of the most famous things to do in Virginia Beach.

Mount Trashmore

The world-renowned mount trash park is the sister park to Hagnodai Park in Japan, which contains 165 acres, two man-made mountains, two lakes, two playgrounds, a skate park, and some multi-use paths. It was founded in the late 60s and converted from a 640,000-ton pile of trash into the nation’s first landfill park. Mount Trashmore is truly one of the most unique places to visit in the United States and can only be found in Virginia Beach. The main event, Mount Trashmore, is a 60-foot high, 800-foot long pile of trash that was created by compacting solid layers of the washer with clean soil. It is a great place for the family.

 Cape Henry Lighthouses


Enjoy two historic lighthouses in one when you climb to the top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse and take a bird’s eye view of the Chesapeake Bay area. The original Cape Henry Lighthouse was the US Government’s first construction project authorized under the Constitution. It was authorized under President George Washington, giving this location a heap of historical merit. It has since been reconfigured into a museum and replaced by the newer Cape Henry Lighthouse. This is a great location for the family to enjoy, but it also makes for a romantic spot overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake bay area.

First Landing State Park

For those wanting a fantastic outdoor experience, visit the First Landing State park. The park is the location where English colonists first landed in 1607. It has been navigated for centuries before and after this period and features some of the best opportunities for learning about the history of America as well as the nature that calls Virginia Beach home.


Virginia Beach is a great place to own a timeshare because it is accessible and entertaining at all times of the year. Its seasonal events give a unique atmosphere to the city, and when coupled with the yearly events the city has to offer, it makes for a truly unique experience that feels like home at the same time. Owning a timeshare in Virginia beach is not the only way to make use of the luxury of timeshare ownership, as renting a timeshare provides all the benefits without the commitment. Rooms 101 Virginia Beach timeshare promotions help reduce the cost even more by giving you access to exclusive vouchers and discounts when you book today!