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Puerto Rico’s Timeshare

Despite being a tropical paradise and a US unincorporated territory, Puerto Rico timeshare vacations are a world different from your regular routine. Your Puerto Rican timeshare vacation still gives you the relaxing feeling that you have gone to a Caribbean island, rich in historic charm and natural beauty, even though you can shop and eat with American money.

Puerto Rico’s Timeshare

Puerto Rico timeshares let you enjoy the luxury of the Caribbean. Top areas with timeshare resorts include Humacao, Rio Grande, Dorado, Cabo Rojo, and more. Innumerable options for adventure await you as you explore stunning beaches, tropical jungles, gushing waterfalls, and more. You have ideal access to all of this and much more if you own a timeshare in Puerto Rico. A budget-friendly method to indulge in a luxurious getaway while taking advantage of all that the island has to offer is through timeshares in Puerto Rico.

The vibrant city of San Juan is the ideal setting for discovering authentic Puerto Rican culture. Explore Old San Juan, a historic Spanish village with its cobblestone streets and colorful colonial-era buildings, to learn more about the city’s past. Beyond the numerous historical sites, such as the San Jose church, is a vibrant, international metropolis with high-rise hotels, a plethora of retail stores, and a diverse selection of dining options. It’s also worthwhile to explore the surroundings outside the city. Take a hike through the jungle, go surfing on the west coast close to Rincon, or visit Bioluminescent Bay to see the ocean glowing in the dark.

Puerto Rico’s Timeshare Presentation

Timeshare ownership can appear mysterious, and going to a presentation about it can be downright intimidating. Because of the long history of skepticism surrounding timeshare presentations, you might be hesitant to participate.

The Puerto Rico timeshare presentation, also known as the island’s discovery tour, is a chance to learn more about holiday ownership and have a one-on-one conversation with a company representative. Attending Puerto Rico’s timeshare presentation has numerous advantages, but it does require preparation. As any frequent traveler is aware, when you’re on vacation with family, even blocking out a few hours can be a lot to manage.

Your resort will probably want you and your spouse to attend the timeshare presentation together while providing entertainment and refreshments for your kids outside the presentation area. And if your agent has mentioned any vacation packages or specials that are part of your presentation, you’ll need to stay full-time to take advantage of those deals.

Puerto Rico Timeshare Vacation Packages

What makes a Puerto Rico vacation package the best choice? Book a Puerto Rico timeshare vacation package, and you’ll find yourself exploring the splendor of vibrant coral reefs, undersea sea caves, and dazzling lagoons. Learn more about the food, rich culture, or weather for yourself. Take a horseback ride along the beach or go hiking or biking in the highlands for panoramic views.

Savings on Vacations are available for trips to Puerto Rico. Get a great deal on a hotel and airfare package today and visit the lovely city of San Juan.

For your trip, find the best excursions and activities. Instead of missing out while you’re standing in line, spend your vacation creating memories.

Reasons To Travel To Puerto Rico

I have ten fantastic reasons why you should visit Puerto Rico if you’re still unsure about it being the location of your upcoming Caribbean trip.

1. Culture and History

Particularly in the southern portion of Puerto Rico, Ponce is a city with a vibrant history and culture. The town is renowned for its stunning colonial architecture and vivid colors. One of the must-see sights in town, especially for tourists interested in Spanish Revival architecture, is the Castillo Serralles Museum. It’s a mansion with ponds, a butterfly sanctuary, and a Japanese garden that’s conducive to meditation. Another well-known site is the Cruceta del Vigia, which provides sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea.

2. Eco-Friendly Accommodations

There are numerous ways for visitors who are concerned about their environmental impact to responsibly enjoy Puerto Rico’s natural splendor. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Dorado Beach, a former plantation that has been transformed into an eco-hotel, is one such instance. The hotel boasts the best amenities and is surrounded by stunning landscapes. The Yuquiyu Treehouses are an additional illustration of environmentally friendly lodging that enables visitors to experience glamping in the midst of lush flora.

3. Eastern Natural Wonders and Hiking

One of Puerto Rico’s natural treasures is the stunning mountain sanctuary known as El Yunque National Forest. It may be reached from San Juan in many places and will enthrall hikers of all levels. Hikers can observe diverse species, swim in breathtaking waterfalls, climb the Yokahu Observation Tower for sweeping views of many jungles, and more. Aside from Christmas, the woodland is open every day from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

4. Beaches In Paradise

Most of the most stunning beaches in the world may be found in Puerto Rico, mostly on the islands of Culebra and Vieques. There are breathtaking beaches on both islands, which are accessible from the main island by boat or a short flight. Here, you can enjoy a beach with black sand and wild horses, a beach with red sand and glass, a beach with white sand and sparkling water, and much more.

This is among the top reasons to visit Puerto Rico if lounging on beaches is your thing!

5. Delectable Cuisine

Puerto Rico’s cuisine is influenced by Europe, Africa, and even the Taino natives. Puerto Rico has kept its unique Spanish culture and traditional cuisine despite being a part of the United States.

Here, the essential morning beverage of Puerto Rican coffee is grown on-site. Pique, a fiery sauce unique to the island, goes well with practically every traditional cuisine!

6. It’s Always Warm Outside

The temperature in Puerto Rico is one of the best attractions there is. Since Puerto Rico consistently experiences mild temperatures, you may plan a trip here at any time of year.

Puerto Rico is the ideal place to go if you want to escape the snow and cold throughout the long winter months.

7. Stunning Scenery

There is a lot to discover on the island because it has such a variety of scenery. You may explore the famed El Yunque as well as the Parque de las Cavernas del Ro Camuy (subterranean caves), Guánica Dry Forest, one of the largest dry forests in the world, and Cueva Ventana (natural window in a cave) (the only rainforest in the US).

Fantastic beaches, tropical waterfalls, lofty mountains, and dense woods are all found in Puerto Rico. This is one of the reasons to travel to Puerto Rico if you like being outdoors.

8. Compared to other Caribbean resorts, Puerto Rico Is Less Overcrowded

Puerto Rico hasn’t yet been inundated with throngs of tourists since it has mostly flown under the radar. As a result, you’ll still have your pick of lovely, deserted beaches, peaceful eateries, and a wide selection of resorts and hotels that won’t make you feel crowded.

9. Festivals Are Held Almost Every Weekend.

The nation is renowned for having countless celebrations, whether it be a street parade, neighborhood party, or city-wide festival. Many people congregate in the streets to honor their Puerto Rican heritage, often donning colorful costumes and mingling with squat drums and groups of bomba singers. Don’t miss one of the greatest events, the San Sebastián Street Festival, if you’re fortunate enough to be in San Juan in January, or one of the several fiestas patronales (patron saint festivals) held in each area throughout the year.

10. It’s A Component Of The US

While we at Winetraveler adore traveling abroad, it’s no secret that leaving the country may be challenging for Covid-19. You won’t have to stress about the numerous other issues associated with foreign travel if you visit Puerto Rico. You won’t have jet lag while visiting Puerto Rico because most people speak English. Additionally, it is only a 3–4 hour flight from many US cities. Before making a reservation or visiting, be sure to verify the travel requirements.

Things To Do In Puerto Rico

Here are the top things you can do in Puerto Rico.

1. Get to know San Juan

Once you arrive in Puerto Rico, exploring San Juan is unquestionably one of the best things to do. I’d even venture to suggest that you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to visit San Juan’s historical locations after spending some time at the Museum of Art, viewing Casa Bacardi while sipping rum, and exploring the lively La Placita neighborhood with all its live music venues, restaurants, and eateries.

Therefore, you ought to visit Old San Juan as well.

The National Register of Historic Places in America includes Old San Juan, the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico, where you can easily spend a half day exploring.

2. View the caves at El Rio Camuy

The third-largest subterranean cave system in the world is about an hour’s drive from San Juan. It’s very fantastic (in the literal sense of the word).

Even though you probably won’t have enough time to see all 220 caves or the entire 10 miles of tunnels, a guided tour is a must and is well worth taking. Additionally, you can try your hand at zip-lining, swimming, and river jumping.

3. Examine the El Yunque National Rainforest.

Just a 45-minute drive from San Juan’s city center, you may visit one of Puerto Rico’s natural treasures perched on the island’s east coast.

A trail leads from the Visitor Center down to the waterfalls through the stunning El Yunque National Rainforest. In all honesty, the Juan Diego Falls and the Rio Espiritu Santo Waterfall are equally beautiful.

4. Take a break on Culebra Island

If you enjoy some sun, sea, and sand, visiting Flamenco Beach is undoubtedly one of Puerto Rico’s most popular beaches and among the top things to do there.

This beach feels remote yet has plenty of amenities, so you’re never too far from snacks or toilet breaks. Its sands wrap along the edge of the island of Culebra, which is only about 20 minutes off the coast of Puerto Rico. At the beach, both are necessary!

5. Visit Gozalandia to see the waterfall

Gozalandia Waterfall is a short trip from San Juan and can be combined with other northeastern attractions to see on the island.

It could cost you $10 or so to park there, but it’s well worth it for the trails and waterfalls.

While seeing the island’s more rural sections, it’s unquestionably among the top things to do in Puerto Rico. Just be cautious when it’s rainy outside because this area may be very slick.