Timeshare Terms And Conditions For Your Wilderness Stone Hill Lodge Vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN

Congratulations, as a qualified participant, and in appreciation of your time, we are pleased to extend to you this special promotional vacation package. Other than the 120 minute timeshare sales presentation, there is no other obligation. The resort presentation is designed to be fun and informative and generally includes a tour of the resort property & amenities. Happy Vacationing!

Your accommodations will be at Wilderness at the Smokies and your 120 minute resort sales presentation will take place at a nearby Sales Center. The address and information as well as a link to map and directions will be provided in an email confirmation that will be sent to you upon booking a reservation.

Participants must be a US resident, at least 28 years of age, and fluent in English without the help of an interpreter. Please, click the link below to open a list of all terms and conditions.

  • Participants must be a US resident, at least 28 years of age, and fluent in English without the help of an interpreter.
  • Participants must have a combined household income of at least $75,000 USD per year.
  • Identification, such as a valid driver’s license, state issued identification card or passport, and a major credit card are required for check in and the presentation. A check/debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo is NOT a major credit card.
  • Participants must be married or cohabitating, and both must attend the sales presentation together. Cohabitating Couples must have a valid driver’s license with the same address.
  • Packages with Theme Park Tickets: Unused Theme Park Tickets have NO redeemable value. Prices shown online are estimates and are subject to change without notice.
  • Failure to meet any of these terms and conditions, or failure to attend the sales presentation will result in a charge back of $150 per night in addition to the total cost of the package price already paid.
  • This offer is not valid for residents of the following states: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any promotional offer or for use with another vacation ownership week. Participants must not have attended a Resorts Sales Presentation within six (6) months prior to the arrival date.
  • Participants are not eligible if they are current employees of a Timeshare Developer. Employees or family members of Rooms101.com or affiliated companies are not permitted to attend the Sales Presentation or participate in this promotional offer.
  • Only one promotional package per family, group or friends traveling with same, similar or adjoining arrival and departure dates. Extra rooms may be available for family and friends at a discounted rate; however, only one party will receive the discounted package price.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: No Refunds will be given for no-shows, early checkouts or unused nights.
  • Rooms101.com holds no discretion over the eligibility requirements for participation in the resort preview. The eligibility requirements have been set forth by the resort developer. If Rooms101.com believes that the eligibility requirements for participation are not being met, we reserve the right to cancel any reservation before the arrival date. A reservation that is cancelled due to not meeting the eligibility requirements as stated above will be subject to the cancellation policy of the reservation and all applicable cancellation fees.
  • Rooms101.com is not responsible for any purchases made for your vacation outside of the purchased package, this includes but is not limited to: airfare, transportation, park or event tickets, guided tours, etc. Any questions please contact Rooms101.com at 800-749-4045.
  • In the event Rooms101.com is informed by the hotel or resort developer that either your selected travel dates, accommodations, or presentation have become unavailable, Rooms101.com reserves the right to offer substitute accommodations of equal or greater value, or alternative touring location if available, or you will receive a full refund for the total monies paid to Rooms101.com excluding additional fees incurred for previous reservation modifications.

***This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of timeshare interests.***

***The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the developer.***

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  • Rescheduling and Adjusting Your Reservation
  • We know plans change. Sometimes an emergency arises and other times, you just end up needing a more convenient date than the one you originally chose. That’s why Rooms101.com offers a flexible rescheduling and adjustment policy, and online access to modify your reservations.
  • As long as you submit a Change Request, through the My Reservations section at www.Rooms101.com, at least 3 business days before your arrival date, we can reschedule or make adjustments to your vacation for $19. Adjustments include, but are not limited to, adding nights, subtracting nights, changing package gifts, adding package gifts, or subtracting package gifts. Please note that if you don’t give us at least 3 business days notice, our cancellation policy will apply.
  • To reschedule or make adjustments to your reservation please call our Customer Care Line at 1-800-870-6691.
  • If calling after office hours or emailing, please make sure to include:
    • your name
    • your reservation number
    • the original date of arrival and departure
    • your new date of arrival and departure
  • Canceling Your Reservation:
  • Rooms101.com also understands that on occasion, you can’t reschedule your trip and must cancel instead. You can do this at no cost by submitting a Cancellation Request through the My Reservations section of www.Rooms101.com within the 2 day grace period of the arrival date, unless the reservation is being made within the cancellation period of 3 business days. A $59 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your trip after the grace period. The remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card. You will also receive a $50 credit applicable to another vacation package through Rooms101.com for up to twelve (12) months from the date of cancellation.
  • If you submit a Cancellation Request (or Change Request) for your reservation 3 business days or less before your arrival date, you will be assessed a $59 cancellation fee plus 1 room night (at the additional night room rate). The remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card. The cancellation period of 3 business days supersedes any provision within this Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.
  • To submit a Cancellation Request, please send a written statement of cancellation to 801 Granada Blvd. Suite 303, Ormond Beach FL 32174. Cancellation charges will be processed as noted above.
  • We can only process cancellation by postal mail. Emails are not acceptable forms of cancellation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the total package price is less than the total amount of cancellation fees, no refunds will be given and no credit towards a future reservation will be issued.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: No refunds will be given for no-shows, early checkouts or unused nights. Cancellation credit cannot be combined with any promotional discount codes.