Universal Orlando Vacation Packages Make An Unforgettable Experience
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Universal Orlando Vacation Packages Make An Unforgettable Experience

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida is one of the most exciting and adventurous vacation destinations in the world. It is a thrill packed theme park that people from all over the world enjoy visiting with state of the art rides, thrillingly fast coasters and fantastic performances with incredible special effects. These parks are perfect for people of all ages and offer a variety of child friendly activities and rides as well as the extreme adventure thrill rides that many teens and adults crave. The best way to get to experience all that Universal Orlando has to offer is by booking vacation packages that include everything that you want. When you book your Universal Orlando vacation packages there are a few things you will want to keep in mind so that you can enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

Get Information About the Parks

Before you start out for a day of fun at the parks you will want to make sure you know when the parks open and close so you can plan your day out. Most parks are less crowded earlier in the day so this is the best time to go to get on the more popular rides. The weather in Florida is quite hot and humid, especially in the summer time, so make sure you dress appropriately. Be sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and cool, loose fitting clothing. You will also want to put on sunscreen to protect yourself while you are out in the sun. Most of the lines for the rides will be long and you may spend quite a bit of time waiting in line. If you go online you can buy an Express Plus Pass that will allow you to bypass long lines during certain days of the week. Another way to spend less time in line is to use the single rider feature when available. This will typically get you through the line faster but you will not get to ride with the other members of your party.

Know About Seasonal Events in Universal Orlando

Universal Studios has a couple of seasonal events during the year that you will want to know about before you book your trip. In the month of October they run their Horror Nights every night and sometime in the Spring they will host a Mardi Gras party. Both of these events are geared toward adults and are not recommended for children. If you are traveling with your family be sure to plan accordingly.

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