Cancun Mexico Timeshare Deals

Cancun, Mexico Timeshare

Traveling can be one of the most exciting times. It allows you to go and see new things, experience different cultures and learn about the people. Traveling allows us to develop memories that will last a lifetime. When traveling, buying a plane ticket can be reasonably straightforward, but the complication comes in when deciding where to stay. Today there are many options for finding somewhere to stay, from hotels and Airbnb to hostels. The issues with these options are there is always a level of uncertainty surrounding them. It is not until you arrive at the location you realize certain things that previous occupiers did not mention in the reviews or descriptions.

Some may believe these are the only options, but they may not be aware of the choice of timeshares. These trendy locations can provide what you need, works for all budgets, and provide some of the most beautiful views. Getting a timeshare could be your best option if you want to go to Cancun, Mexico. It gives you everything you need without the hassle of being a homeowner. Also, many of them have top-notch maintenance services, so you can be assured every time you purchase one, they have been thoroughly looked through to make your experience the best.

Below we will discuss timeshares, what they are, how they work, and the options available if you want to purchase one in Cancun, Mexico.

What is a timeshare?

A timeshare can also get referred to as a vacation property. Essentially is a piece of property under co-ownership or a lease. Depending on the plan agreed to by the owners and resort, each owner gets a guaranteed time with the property. Usually, these timeshares are smaller homes located in a bigger resort.

There can be specific maintenance fees to maintain the property, but it is typically minimal compared to if you owned the property and had to pay for maintenance or renovations. The bigger complex is in charge of handling the maintenance of the property while you decide on when and how often you want to stay at the property. Timeshares get viewed as vacation homes without the heavy price tag. There is no need to buy the property at market value as you can pay for it through the resort’s terms and get the perks of owning a home that anyone else would only vacation in for a couple of weeks.

How does Timeshare work?

Each resort may have its own set of guidelines on how owning a timeshare works, but for the most part, there are four methods to be aware of in understanding how timeshares work, especially when it comes to when and where you can live on the property.

  • Fixed week timeshares – As the name suggests, this type of timeshare plan has the buyer essentially owning the right to one particular week of the year to be in the property. Each week of the year gets a number, and the buyer picks the number they wish to have, and as long as they remain under contract, they will have the right to live in the property that same week every year.
  • Floating Week – As opposed to the agreement mentioned above, this timeshare option allows the owner to choose different weeks each year on a first-come, first-serve basis. There can be restrictions depending on the resort, where you can only pick certain weeks within a specific time frame but overall, this gives the owner more flexibility.
  • Point-based – This timeshare is one of the more popular options. Depending on the resort, you can buy points or exchange your fixed week to earn points. Owners can use these points to select when they want to use their property, and if the resort has multiple locations, the points allow them to use any site they see fit.
  • Timeshare season – Beach resorts have periods of high and low popularity. Paying attention to these seasons is critical, whether under a floating week or point-based agreement. Some resorts may only allow you the option of picking your week in one of these seasons, and if it is the high-popularity season, then you will need to make your arrangements quickly.

Types of Timeshare Contracts

When looking to purchase a timeshare, there are several contract types that you can choose to accept. They all end in the same result, having the prospective buyers own the property but go about it differently. Each also provides certain perks that you may not find in the others. Below we discuss the different types of contracts.

Contract options

  • Shared deed – This option is where multiple owners have absolute ownership over the property. Each is entitled to a certain amount of time on the property. That could be one week, one month, or several months; it depends on how many owners are on the deed and the agreed-upon terms.
  • Right to use – the right-to-use contract is usually reserved for international resorts. This contract works whereby the owner will have the “right to use” the property for a designated time. Once that time has expired, so has the contract, and the property returns to the resort. Clients must start a new contract if they wish to use the property again.
  • Leaseholds – Similar to the right-to-use contract, the owner is leasing the property, and once the lease runs out, the property returns to the resort.
  • Biennial and Triennial timeshare – These timeshares are convenient because they can be less expensive. These timeshares are where the owner has the right to use the property every other year or every two or three years. This plan can allow for better planning as it can give breathing room to recuperate money to potentially have a better experience once the year of usage arrives.

Why Should You Visit Cancun Mexico

Cancun, through the years, has become a popular tourist attraction; roughly 25 million people visit the city annually, seeking to enjoy the plethora of things the city has to offer. Whether you are seeking culture as the city has a long history associated with the Mayan civilization that once relied on the city for trade and as a cultural center. Or you want to enjoy the beaches. With a beautiful coastline, normally perfect weather, and an endless supply of activities, this city can keep a person entertained, fed, and happy for however long they choose to stay.

This city often gets compared to Miami, Rome, and New York. Many people want to see it at least once in their lifetime, and others make it their yearly destination. Another additive of this city is the people. Being exposed to people of so many different cultures and walks of life, residents have become open to anyone who passes them. They are always looking to help as much as possible. This city is impressive, with many things to help keep you preoccupied, even if that is just simply looking out your window at the beautiful view. There is a reason so many people come to this city yearly, and it should be a bucket list location for everyone.

Things to Do in Cancun Mexico

Now that we have accomplished that Cancun is a tourist dream, let us get into the more specific sites, and activities to do that will keep you coming back for years.

  • Isla Mujeres – You reach this island by boat along the coastline, and once there, you will get exposed to many shops and restaurants. However, most people come to this island for the beach found on the island’s northern end. This side of the island is known for its white beaches and calm waters. It gives you a chance to relax and clear your mind away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.
  • Go swimming with the whale sharks – Do not worry; even though they have the word shark in their name, these whales only feed on plankton and small fish. This experience presents the perfect opportunity to go swimming with these majestic animals, currently the biggest animals in the world. They migrate past Cancun from June to September. If you plan, you can have a chance to swim with and get a close-up look at these animals, leaving an image that will be hard to forget.
  • Mayan Museum of Cancun – As mentioned before, Cancun used to be an important location for the Mayan population that once inhabited it. So, of course, relics and artifacts from the past remain, many of which are in this museum. In an attempt to hold on to their rich history and educate others, this museum has not only artifacts but ruins from this era.
  • Nightlife – The city is not only bustling during the day, but that excitement also transitions into the night. Walk down downtown Cancun and witness the variety of food aromas going through the air and the music. You can see individuals giving special performances or watch mariachi bands entertaining the crowd. It’s a city full of excitement and possibilities that are not limited to during-the-day activities.
  • Tours – Cancun has a vast array of landscapes and thus many different options for tours. You can walk through the jungle and witness all the beautiful animals the jungle has to showcase. Then you can go on a fishing trip where some places offer the chance for a catch and release where you can catch a big fish, take a picture of it for social media and set it free. Other tours include scuba diving and snorkeling, similar to the one mentioned earlier with the whale sharks. These tours allow you to get a closer look at the city and may even help you develop a deeper appreciation for its beauty.

Cancun Mexico Timeshare

If everything you have learned about Cancun and timeshares has made you a believer, here are a few options available to you when looking for a timeshare in Cancun.

  • Sunset Marina Resort and Yacht Club
    • Weeks – Floating
    • Unit size – 2 bed/2 bath
    • Selling price – $12,000
  • Sunset Royal
    • Weeks – Floating
    • Unit Size – 1bed/1bath
    • Selling Price – $12,000
  • Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort
    • Weeks – Floating
    • Unit Size – 2 bed/2 bath
    • Selling Price- $10,800

Cancun Mexico Timeshare Deals

Here are some deals you can find for Timeshare in Cancun, Mexico

  • Sandos Playacar beach resort & SPA – 4 nights/ 5 days all-inclusive for $319 (For two adults and two kids under 12)
  • Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & SPA – 4 nights/ 5 days all-inclusive for $319 (For two adults and two kids under 12)
  • Five stars all-inclusive Beach resort and SPA – 4 nights/5 days all-inclusive for $479 (For two adults and two kids under 12)
  • Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort – 4 nights/ 5 days all-inclusive for $599 (For two adults, adults only)


Timeshare offers plenty of wiggle room for those looking to find an excellent location without paying hefty prices. Cancun is a beautiful city with much to offer anyone who walks through its streets. Here is the option to have a beautiful home to stay in either the same week of the year or the same season of the year. It allows for better planning and yearly vacation to look forward to when the year begins. With Cancun being such a tourist attraction, they have made it affordable and practical to stay in the city. They offer special deals at low prices to make you feel comfortable and to make people from all walks of life feel as though they can live like kings. If any of this excites you, then spending time in this city is only a timeshare away.