A Las Vegas Romantic Getaway: 10 Suggestions
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Whatever you may think, behind that glitter and glitz, a Las Vegas romantic getaway is not a delusion. In fact, every year, hundreds of people arrive with the sole purpose of getting married. This, we realize, does not necessarily make Las Vegas romantic, but the city does offer a variety of romantic options. At Rooms 101, we realize this and are ready to help you discover that starry-eyed side of the city.

Book the Right Hotel
If you truly want a Las Vegas romantic getaway, the first thing you need to do is to book the right hotel. Nothing is more romantic than having a luxurious room – one that gives you and your partner all the bells and whistles. A large, comfortable bed and enormous spa-style bathtubs can all encourage that romantic feeling. At 101 we are there to provide you with any number of viable options.

Visit Romantic Cities
Las Vegas allows you to visit some of the world’s most romantic cities. It is home to Paris, Rome, Cairo and Venice. Fantasize you are visiting these places then reinforce it by

    • Climbing the “Eiffel Tower”
    • Taking your love on a gondola ride – yes real gondolas, on a Venetian canal
    • Take a boat trip on the Nile
    • Visiting the Fountains of Bellagio where more than 1,000 of them dance to the music


In true Las Vegas style, it is all about fantasy and sustaining an illusion, but it provides for couples of all types and ages the ideal of a Las Vegas romantic getaway.

Dine at a Romantic Restaurant
Eat out at the most romantic city you can find. Opt for a view from an observation deck or a street café. Whatever you find romantic, do it.

Other Romantic Suggestions
Even if you are there for a Las Vegas romantic getaway, you still need to check out what the city has to offer. It is important, if you want to get the true Las Vegas experience, to:

    • Attend a Show: No matter your taste, Las Vegas has a show that will appeal to you
    • Gamble: Play the slots or at least enter a casino. The thrill will add a little spice to your visit and relationship
    • Go to a Spa: To relax totally while titillating your senses, visit a spa for a couples massage


One More Suggestion
Depending upon your interests, why not get away from the Strip. Pack a picnic lunch and head away to nearby Red Rock Canyon. One of the biggest draws is the unearthly but beautiful rock formations. Overall, simply get in a car and drive around the dessert. The Mojave can be breathtakingly beautiful and amazing to look at with its covering of yucca and mesquite and mountains created from sandstone.

Las Vegas Romantic Getaway
Forget all the stereotypes. You can enjoy a romantic Las Vegas getaway. With our help, you will be able to find an affordable and romantic hotel. The romancing, however, is left up to you and your partner.

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