Buying Into A Myrtle Beach Vacation Package
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We have all seen the ads. They show miles upon miles of gleaming, sand beaches, softly tumbling waters and people laughing and splashing under blue skies. Welcome to Myrtle Beach. Everything you have read or seen about it is true and, if you opt for a Myrtle Beach vacation package offered by us, you will not only visit but join the crowds that come back every year.

Why Myrtle Beach?
Myrtle Beach lies on the east coast of South Carolina. It is found on a 60-mile stretch of shoreline called the Grand Strand. Known as “New Town” until the late 1930s, this once small town has become the number one travel destination in South Carolina. This it has achieved with flare and glitz. It has become a destination for all of us who enjoy the warmth of the sun beating down on our faces and the thrill of a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.

In fact, if you join those of us who have booked a Myrtle Beach vacation package through us at Rooms 101, you can spend days wandering the Strand and enjoying all that Myrtle Beach as to offer. It is truly a playground providing something for the entire family.

What to do in Myrtle Beach
A casual glance at what a Myrtle Beach vacation package can include go beyond the luxury but affordable hotels and stretch of beaches. Consider these basic facts about Myrtle Beach. It has:

    • 60 miles of sandy beaches and shoreline to explore
    • Several theme parks for the children and the inner child to enjoy – including wild water parks to cool down and Medieval games to make your heart beat faster as well as several offerings by the “Ripley’s Believe It Or not” crew
    • Around 100 golf courses – including some of the best in the country designed by such golfing greats as Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman and Robert Trent Jones – perfect for the golfer in you
    • About 50 miniature golf courses – for those who want to play around
    • More than 2,000 restaurants appealing to the foodie and the fast food lover alike
    • Shopping opportunities that will appeal to both the shopaholic and the souvenir buyer
    • Museums and art galleries to attend including the Brookgreen Gardens and the Children’s Museum


From the stereotypical “Fun in the Sun” to the exploration of the great outdoors at Huntington Beach State Park to the feeding of the inner child at any of the theme parks, including the well-known Broadway On the Beach, there is much you can do and see and enjoy in Myrtle Beach. A vacation package booked through us at Rooms 101, can make this all come true. Sign up now for what may be the vacation you have always wanted to experience.

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