Disney Orlando Florida Packages at Rooms101.com: Things that Families Can Do on a Trip to WDW
Are you ready to save up to 70% off Disney Orlando Florida Packages at Rooms101.com: Things that Families Can Do on a Trip to WDW?

Here, at Rooms101.com, we are proud to sponsor hotel accommodations that are associated with the Disney brand and its spectacular accommodations in Orlando, Florida. The Disney Orlando Florida packages we provide families makes family travel all that much more fun and rewarding, especially when the money saved can go toward an array of fun-filled activities.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
One of the interesting places you can take a family on one of these packaged vacations is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – a place that makes purchasing one of the Disney packages from us here at Rooms101.com an exciting undertaking. When you and your family visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you will become acquainted with one of the world’s largest terrestrial animals. Guests are able to see elephants up close when they take part in a Kilimanjaro Safari at the themed African park.

Introduce Your Kids to the World of Conservation
We, at Rooms101.com, also think that this visit inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a great way to introduce your kids to the subject of animal conservation. The elephant, which is found in 37 countries, is currently listed as “vulnerable,” by conservationists. In total, 35,000+ elephants were killed by poachers in 2013, simply for their ivory tusks.

The Epcot Center
We also know, here at Rooms101.com, that you and your family will enjoy visiting the Epcot Center at WDW. However, you first must purchase one of our Disney packages and stay at a Disney resort. You will find that an astronaut’s work simply is never done when you and your kids visit WDW’s Epcot Center and become involved in the interactive area.

Martian Activities
One of the activities that kids can participate in is “Mission: SPACE Race.” This activity involves 56 “space cadets” who vie against each other to see who can send their space rocket from planet Mars to Earth first.

Another fun activity, call “Expedition Mars.” Participants are responsible for finding four fellow astronauts on the Martian planet. Space cadets have 4 minutes to accomplish the task.

We feature a lot of vacation packages at Rooms101.com that are ideally suited to family travels. Comparatively, the prices we charge for four days’ accommodations are about the same as what you would pay for a one or two-star hotel. Therefore, any money you save at our luxury accommodations can go toward such activities like dining, water sports or shopping.

Naturally, the above examples of family fun are just a small sample of what is offered at WDW. The activities and events not only bring kids and their parents closer together, they also assist in providing children with activities where learning is no longer a “drudgery” but a carefree and fun pursuit.

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